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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Mathilde of Brabant Countess of Holland By 1200. 1267
Matilda of Boulogne, queen of England queen of England 1152
Matilda of Burgundy "Duchess" mid 12th century
Matilda of Carinthia Countess of Champagne and Blois 1160/1161
Matilda of Darenth 12th century
Matilda of England, empress empress, countess of Anjou, designated heir and “domina” of England 1102 1167
Matilda of Flanders, duchess of Normandy, queen of England duchess of Normandy, queen of England 1083
Matilda of Portugal Countess of Flanders, Duchess of Burgundy c.1157 1218
Matilda of Saxony, countess of Flanders and Verdun countess of Flanders and Verdun late 10th c.
Matilda of Scotland, queen of the English queen of the English 1118
Matilda of Swabia duchess of Swabia 1033
Matilda of Touraine Duchess of Burgundy by 1162
Matilda of Tuscany, countess of Tuscany, duchess of Lorraine countess of Tuscany, duchess of Lorraine 1046 1115
Matilda, abbess of Caen abbess of Caen 1113
Matilda, abbess of Essen abbess of Essen 949 1011
Matilda, abbess of Quedlinburg abbess of Quedlinburg 955 or 956 999
Matilda, abbess of Wherwell Abbess of Wherwell mid 12th century?
Matilda, abbess of Wilton abbess of Wilton 11th century
Melisende of Jerusalem queen of Jerusalem between 1105 and 1111 1161. September
Montana servant of the church mid to late 6th century
Nun M., daughter of Richard
Odiarda, Abbess of Faverney Abbess 12th century
Paula, the elder c.347 404
Philippa of Champagne Princess of Jerusalem and Lady of Brienne and Ramerupt c.1197 1250
Philippa of Toulouse Countess of Toulouse and Poitiers, Duchess of Aquitaine 1170's November 28, 1119(?)