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A letter from John of Brienne, king of Jerusalem (1221, April)

Translated letter: 

To the lady palatine countess of Champagne-Troyes and lord Thibaut her son, John, by the grace of God king of Jerusalem [sends] greetings. You should know that Walter, our nephew, son of count Walter of Brienne, came by our good will to our land to enter into possession of his heredity, namely the county of Brienne with its appurtenances. Wherefore we entreat you and we ask of you and your son lord Thibaut that you give over the county of Brienne with its appurtenances to that Walter and set him in peaceful possession. And see that not for this … [lacuna] that we were your man and your son’s, and because said Walter is not yet of age, he be prevented … [lacuna] for it is our will and order that you give over his land and heredity, namely the county of Brienne with its appurtenances to him and set him in peaceful possession. For you well know and we … [lacuna] know that this is his right and pertains to him by hereditary right.

Enacted in Acre, in the year of the Lord 1221, in the month of April.

Original letter: 

Domine Blanche comitisse Trecensi palatine, et domino Theobaldo ejusdem filio, Johannes, Dei gratia Jerusalem rex, salutem. – Noveritis quod Galterus, nepos noster, filius comitis Galteri Brene, accedit per bonam voluntatem nostram ad partes nostras ut in possessionem hereditatis sue intret, videlicet comitatus Brene cum pertinentiis suis. Quare vos exoramus, et a vobis et filio vestro domino Theobaldo requirimus, quatinus comitatum Brene, cum pertinentiis suis, eidem Galtero reddatis, et in possessionem pacificam ponatis. Nec propter hanc causam vide … quod nos inde fuimus homo vester et filii vestri, et quod dictus Galterus nondum esset ad etatem, eundem impedi … voluntas enim nostra est et preceptum quod vos terram suam et hereditatem suum, videlicet comitatum Bre[ne, cum] pertinentiis suis, reddatis eidem et in possessionem pacificam ponatis. Nam vos bene scitis et nosmet … scimus hoc suum jus esse et ad ipsum jure hereditario pertinere. – Actum in Accon, anno Domini MoCCo XXIo, mense aprili.

Historical context: 

John of Brienne became King of Jerusalem by marriage to the queen, Maria of Montferrat, in 1210. In this letter he asks the countess and her son to honor his nephew's right to inherit his land as count of Brienne.

Printed source: 

Layettes du Tresor des Chartes, ed. A. Teulet (Paris, Plon, 1863), 1.516, #1446


1221, April